Brand your business in a day

Show up on social media like the expert you are (without wasting time scrolling)

You know those people on social media in your field who have it all together and look like total experts? But what they actually say is not what you would recommend?

You know because you’ve been in your field for longer, and YOU are the actual expert.

What those others have mastered is marketing.

I know exactly how this feels. But if you don’t put yourself out there, others will line up to take your place. And you know as well as I do that social media is second only to word of mouth in growing your business.

Here’s the good news: your mastery in your field is the hard part. Showing up is easy.

Even if you haven’t been using social media for your business lately or ever, you can start using it now and use it well.

All you need is a helpful guide.

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How to look like you have a marketing team supporting your small business

Save time in your business with Canva: You’ve likely dabbled with Canva, but this guide will show you some ways to use it well. You can save loads of time and create professional visual assets for your business once you use all its features.

Make branded templates: Social media has become a whole lot glossier over the past several years, thanks to Instagram. Use this guide to make your own branded social media templates and matching banners. These will make posting content and stories easier

Plan your content: Creating new social media posts from scratch is a total time suck. This guide will help you plan ahead with 50 content ideas. You can use these ideas as themes for multiple posts to plan a whole year of content.

Get your Canva training and social media post ideas

Canva is where you can create your brand colors, find photos, make a logo and create templates for every digital and print asset you need. Whether you’ve used Canva before or not, I guarantee you can learn to use it better.

Sure, you could learn Canva on your own, but it’s a lot faster if I show you how. Sign up to get a training video and a workbook to get started.

Brand your business in a day

Here’s what you’ll learn about Canva:

  1. How to set up your brand folder in Canva
  2. How to choose brand colors
  3. How to use Canva templates
  4. How to resize
  5. How to create your own templates

Plan your content ahead of time

Once you have a branded look for your social media–and maybe even a new logo?–it’s time to plan your content. In this guide, you’ll get content themes to use that will help you build your content calendar.

3 reasons most business leaders waste time on social media

They don’t have a plan: Success on any social media channel depends on consistency. When you use social media without a plan, you tend to post sporadically with random content.

They end up wasting time and giving up: Social media is the ultimate rabbit hole. Without a plan, you can waste precious time you could be spending serving clients.

They are overwhelmed: You may take one look at others in your industry who have tens of thousands of followers. Plus the stories, now even on LinkedIn? It’s easy to feel like you can’t compete in this space.

But, here’s the truth: showing up consistently and effectively on social media over time will help you build your business. And EVERYBODY on there has moments of feeling inadequate and overwhelmed. But with a plan, you can feel confident.

“You made a real impact on my session this morning! So, I just want to thank you and I can’t wait for Thursday. I just want to keep working with you until I have everything how it needs to be. Thursday won’t be our last meeting.”

Kara Friedman, Methods Counseling and Consulting

Get your guide to branding and posting on social media

I’ve taken the basics of everything I’ve learned about social media marketing in 10 years of supporting clients in businesses of all sizes and put it into this guide.

This isn’t so much a training as it is a way to connect to your audience, be the leader you know you are and have a bigger impact in your industry. This step-by-step guide makes it easy for you to get started on social media.

You can make a big impact on clients who need you by meeting them where they are: on social media. And having a plan will help you avoid the pitfalls of wasting time on the channels.

Goodbye scrolling on Instagram and wondering what to post!

Sound good? Let’s get started. I can’t wait to see you show up on social media like the expert you are.

P.S. You’ll want to get the Canva Pro version if you like Canva and end up using it a lot. The free version is limited. Here’s a coupon for ya!

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