What’s working for clinician marketing in 2022

Keeping up with what's working in clinician marketing in 2022 takes time healthcare providers and business owners don't have. With ...
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how to get more reviews in 2022

How to get more healthcare reviews in 2022

When you need more reviews for your private practice or healthcare business, consider your own behavior. Your typical appointment with ...
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Experienced clinicians weigh in on how to use marketing get more clinician referrals

When it comes to marketing and getting more clinician referrals, it's a lot like the proverbial chicken and the egg ...
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practice isn't full

The pep talk for when your practice isn’t full

Running a business or practice brings out all the insecurities we didn't even know we still had. Ammiright?! That's because ...
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How to create your first practice website

One of the first and most overwhelming marketing tasks for a new healthcare practice owner is creating a website. Options ...
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How clinicians can use Instagram Reels

Do Instagram Reels for clinicians really work? If you're using Instagram to grow your healthcare practice, by now you've likely ...
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