What to do now in your business when everything’s changed

It's been nearly two weeks since the world turned unimaginable for us. With the initial shock and horror fading and ...
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6 lessons learned in 6 months of business

This week marks six months since I officially launched Sparkr Marketing, and like a kid in my toddler years, I'm ...
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content creation

How to get started creating content on digital marketing

Do you ever look at businesses similar to yours online and wonder how they have the so much time to ...
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How to tell your business stories and why you should

Today when it's easier than ever to reach your exact target audience, digital media gets more crowded every day. The ...
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3 common pitfalls in website copy and how to avoid them

When it comes to your website copy, you have only about 3-5 seconds to grab the attention of a new ...
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How to Write a Blog Post in 1 Hour

Writing is a little like riding a bicycle. 🚲 Bear with me here. If you once knew how to write ...
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