selling services

Selling your services without feeling sleazy

I just completed a big season of selling my digital course for healthcare practices and businesses to plan and schedule ...
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How to tell healthcare stories and why you should

When it comes to healthcare stories in your marketing, the best ones win the hearts and minds of your audience ...
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7 tips for better writing for healthcare clinicians

Do you remember when you first learned to write? You may have honed your skills or forgotten since then, but ...
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social media glossary of terms

Social media glossary of terms

For anyone who's not a digital native, social media can sometimes feel like a foreign language. This blog serves as ...
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authenticity on social media

Social media authenticity is in: How healthcare providers can share stories while setting boundaries

When authenticity is the social media buzz word, where does that leave healthcare providers whose profession is built upon boundaries ...
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Healthy social media habits for your practice or business

Social media can be a total time suck or an absolute goldmine for your healthcare practice or wellness business. And ...
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