branding for service providers

Brand your business in a day: A guide for service providers

In a market that's completely flooded with content from other service providers, branding lets your target audience get a sense ...
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finding niche

Why finding your niche is key to building your business

Marketing for service providers is a big, broad category of ways to continue to serve your current clients and attract ...
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how to get over imposter syndrome

Say goodbye to imposter syndrome

Imposter syndrome is real, and even the most confident people in business feel it. I want to talk about it ...
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lessons learned in my first year of business

Celebrating 1 year of being a new entrepreneur

Sparkr Marketing is 1! Cue the confetti! One year ago I became a new entrepreneur and launched Sparkr Marketing with ...
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Recycle your content to amplify your message

When you are a thought leader in your field, there is always more content you need to create in a ...
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get more reviews

3 ways to get more reviews for your business in 2020

When's the last time you needed a new plumber, doctor or restaurant and didn't check a review site first? Um...never ...
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