3 Questions You Should Ask a Prospective Marketing Manager in 2020

So, you're ready to hire a new leader for your marketing team this upcoming year. Or perhaps it's the only ...
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9 Essential Questions to Ask Your Target Market This Year

‚ÄčI once took a 12 hour plane ride in front of a man with sleep apnea. He popped a pill ...
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What’s your story?

Everywhere I go these days, those who know me ask what's my story. They mean it casually, but for me ...
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why my competition is part of my tribe

Why my competition is part of my tribe

You don't have to know much about small businesses or nonprofit organizations to understand that a lack of competition is ...
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how to get more reviews

How to Get More Reviews for Your Business

Think of the last time you looked up a new business or service and decided you would use their service ...
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how to stay mindful

Creating Mindful Moments Every Day

Everyone is talking about being mindful and intentional lately. In new release books, on NPR and in every other podcast, ...
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