Everyday Marketing Bootcamp

Get a content marketing plan that reflects your brand and turns your followers into clients

Skip over the struggle of what to do in your marketing with the Everyday Marketing system: 6-steps to move from overwhelm and confusion to confidence and consistency.

This 4-week program not only shows you exactly how to create and schedule a year’s worth of content like a marketing pro, but you’ll also get clear on how to turn your audience into clients without wasting time and money.

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    Everyday Marketing Bootcamp opens in January, but you can get in now!

      You’re an expert in health and wellness and you’re not sure how to reach your patients or clients in the crowded online space

      So, you realize you need to do a better job reaching potential clients on social media and maybe start a blog?


      Except that...

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      You have no time

      Between seeing patients or clients, charting, returning messages and seeing clients all over again, you’ve got no time to promote your practice on social media.

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      You don't know where to start

      Sure, you've dabbled in posting to social media for your practice, but no one seems to engage with it or notice it.

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      You feel inauthentic

      You don’t want to be one of those annoying people on Instagram

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      You’re not convinced it works

      When’s the last time you got a new referral from Facebook? Um…almost never. But everyone else says it works!

      If all of this resonates, don’t worry!

      You're in good company, and I've been there before.

      Now picture this…

      You finally commit and get a custom content marketing plan that helps your practice grow. 

      You get...

      • Confidence to be your authentic self on social media and on your website
      • Connection with your current patients and prospective ones
      • Control over how and when you use social media (can we please stop the scrolling all day?!)
      • Trust from your audience who will come to know you and like you
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        set aside time for content batching

        Introducing Everyday Marketing Bootcamp

        A live program that teaches you how to strategically plan, schedule and execute an online marketing strategy. You’ll learn how to use your social media for your practice without letting it abuse you.

        Everyday Marketing Bootcamp includes a step-by-step, easy to implement system to make content marketing a meaningful way to connect with your audience. This 4-week program not only shows you exactly how to create and schedule a year’s worth of content like a marketing pro, but you’ll also get clear on how to turn your audience into clients.


          Meet your bootcamp guide, Wendy

          Owner of Sparkr Marketing

          Online media is crowded with health information and misinformation. But as an expert, you know you need to reach more people. With a marketing plan just for you, you'll know exactly how to stand out online without wasting time and money.

          I get it. I have 20 years of experience, but I only launched Sparkr Marketing in 2019 and had to build my audience from scratch. I have more experience and knowledge than most marketers, but everyone in my space started years ago and had the vanity metrics to show it.

          My goal is to help you tell your story so that you can reach your practice and business goals. Let's get you the tools, knowledge and confidence to be authentic and engaging online.

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            I can't thank you enough for the incredible support, guidance, and resources you have shared to assist me with messaging what I am most passionate about!


            Ian Oppel, OTR

            Restore Skills

            She keeps a finger on the pulse of our industry and tailors her creativity to best suit our business.


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            Pediatric nutrition
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            Everyday Marketing Bootcamp Launches January 5

            Hope to see you inside!

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