Everyday Marketing Live Training

Hey you, it’s time to show up like the expert you are

You know those people on social media in your field who have it all together and I look like total experts? But what they actually say is not what you would recommend?

You know because you’ve been in your field for longer, and YOU are the actual expert.

What those others have mastered is marketing.

I know exactly how this feels. But if you don’t put yourself out there, others will line up to take your place.

Here’s the good news: your mastery in your field is the hard part. Showing up is easy.

All you need is a helpful guide.

Get your live marketing training

Sure, you could learn DIY marketing on your own, but it’s a lot faster if I show you how. Sign up to watch a short training video every week. You’ll get a reminder email with the topic I’m teaching every Thursday morning. If you’re interested, you can join live. Or you can access the replay on my website. These free training videos are available to subscribers only

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  1. Strategy so you know where to spend your time and energy
  2. Branding tips that you can implement yourself instead if hiring an expensive agency
  3. How to show up on social media without feeling sleazy or sales-y
  4. How to find higher-paying clients
  5. Get the confidence to use social media to reach your target audience without endless scrolling or feeling inadequate
  6. Time management techniques to stay focused

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