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Our Team

Heyyy – I'm Wendy, and I geek out over online marketing

I'm a runner, total amateur guitar player and on any given night at least some of my 4 kids will tell you I'm a really good cook.

More than a decade ago, my passion for healthy living led to my dismay over health misinformation I started seeing online. I took my concerns to my kids' pediatrician, and I've been supporting clinicians with online marketing ever since.

I've worked in marketing communications for nearly 20 years and experienced firsthand the rapid pace of change in this space. I launched Sparkr Marketing to help you stay ahead in this age of information overload. I'll help you filter through the countless marketing tactics to find the right ones to reach your audience. Most importantly, I help your practice stay true to your story.

I'm on a mission to help more experts like you educate and support your audience. I can't wait to give the tools, knowledge and confidence to be authentic and engaging online. Let's reach your practice and business goals together.

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What sets us apart

I am really efficient at getting stuff done – and I've put together a team of experts who do the same. Our goal is to help you get ahead of your competition by using our breadth of digital marketing insight. We'll work together to determine your goals and make sure you achieve them. We stay on top of this rapidly changing marketing industry so you don't have to.

Interested in joining our team? Shoot me an email at

Eryn Kushner, Executive Assistant

Eryn Kushner assists Sparkr Marketing virtually from Bluffton, SC, and the rest of the Sparkr team is seriously jealous during the winter.

She has a bachelor's degree in elementary and special education and a masters degree in reading from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania. Eryn has spent several years as a fourth and fifth grade teacher but has shifted her creativity and love for technology from the classroom setting to a marketing setting. Eryn worked as a treatment coordinator at a startup orthodontist office and quickly stepped into a role of managing the office marketing, website and social media. This background has allowed her to volunteer her skills as an administrator of several nonprofit organizations’ social media accounts as well. She is excited about being part of the Sparkr Marketing team and all the new skills she gets to learn along the way.

In Eryn’s free time she loves spending time with her two children and husband (usually on a court or field), cooking, building a new piece of furniture, taking a walk, going to the beach or traveling.

Give a shout out to Eryn at

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Adina Mayer, Content Writer

Adina Mayer is thrilled to be able to fuse together two of her passions as a content writer for Sparkr. As an English and education major from the University of Illinois in Champaign-Urbana, she loves getting to learn new things and then creatively expressing them in her writing. While living abroad, Adina had the opportunity to serve as the program director on a nonprofit and then pursued a career in digital marketing. When she is not working or spending time with family, you can usually find her in nature, playing guitar or reading!
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Brianna Bussell, SEO

Chicago native, Brianna Bussell is an expert in web design and digital marketing and manages SEO for all Sparkr clients. As the founder and CEO of WebInsight, Brianna works to increase sales and optimize search results. She leverages her in-depth knowledge of information technology, social media, advertising trends and design for clients, creating stunning websites and marketing campaigns that get results.
With many years of SEO experience, Brianna has a track record of helping clients dominate Google search results pages. With over 30 websites ranking on the first page of Google for multiple keywords, she continues to look for ways to increase leads and convert organic traffic to paying customers.
Brianna Bussell, SEO

Wendy's Story

We all have to start somewhere, like my first job at camp where I spent nine weeks plunging toilets and doing dishes. Thanks to the magic of camp and some awesome word-of-mouth marketing, they actually convinced my parents to pay $300 for me to work harder than ever worked. Pretty much everything I know in life, I learned at summer camp, which explains my obsession with all things camp to this day – sitting around a fire, playing guitar, camping trips and hiking.

I've taken those stories from around the campfire and brought them to businesses and nonprofits to help them reach their target market through authentic storytelling.

I've worked in marketing communications for 18 years. My love for telling stories led me to my first job at JUF News, Chicago's largest Jewish newspaper, where I wrote countless articles and eventually became associate editor.

After five+ years of writing, I longed to manage more areas of communications and found my way to Ida Crown Jewish Academy – a college preparatory high school – where I worked in marketing. For 12 years, I managed everything from branding, logos, press releases, event invitations, flyers, brochures, annual reports, photography, newsletters, social media and videos. From soup to nuts, I created and managed every project in house.

For nearly a decade, I've used my writing, branding, graphic design and social media skills to help clients in healthcare, insurance, engineering, business and nonprofit. I am also passionate about health and blog about food at

When I'm not at my computer, I love spending time with my four kids and husband, running, biking, traveling, cooking and, of course – camping.