10: How to promote your business without being annoying

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How do you tell people about what you provide with marketing that isn’t pushy? This episode focuses on why you should focus on content marketing, especially now (hint, your business depends on it!) and how you can do it without being annoying and losing followers. You’ll learn 4 key ways to share what you do with your prospective clients in a way that makes them want to learn more. 

What is digital content marketing?

First, what is digital content marketing? Digital content marketing is consistent marketing on social media, blogs, videos, podcasts, your website, a lead magnet and emails. It doesn’t have to include all of this, but if it focuses on you, what you’re offering, your unique story and your contribution to world –– this is content marketing. 

Now, let’s assume that you got into the service that you provide because of your interests And now that you’re an expert, you believe that you can support others with this service. You’ve seen ways that you’re able to solve the problem that your clients have and make their lives better or possibly even make the world better. When you think about what you do in this way, how is it annoying to provide that service for others? You help others!

 Here’s why you should focus on content marketing

  1. You’re passionate about what you do and want to make an impact. You got into this industry because you care about what you do. It’s interesting to you. You see that you can help others, and that’s why you’re good at it. 
  2. If you don’t someone else will fill that space. The online space is full of content marketing. Sometimes the people who are best at marketing aren’t the best at doing the job. If you know you are an expert in your area and you have a way to support others, it behooves you to let people know. If you don’t someone else will. 

    True story: My client had an intern a few years back. He taught him what he knows and mentored him as he got started in the industry. He’s good at his job and GREAT at self-promoting. He’s now considered an expert in the field. Meanwhile, my client has been teaching this work for at least a decade, is significantly more experienced and more qualified. But he was quiet about what he offers for a long time. Don’t let this be you. 
  3. You solve a problem your clients have. You’ve seen the impact of the service you provide over and over. You know that what you do helps others. You solve a problem that your clients have, and you’re pretty good at doing it. Your clients need you and without content marketing, they won’t think to do business with you. 

So how do you tell people about what you provide with marketing that isn’t pushy?

Start with social media and know the platform

LinkedIn is the best place to talk about business. It’s completely natural to focus on what you do, your expertise and how you serve others in this area. If you want to talk on other social media platforms about your business, it’s important that you set up a business page on that platform. For example, I have a business Facebook page and a Facebook group. I talk a little about myself to make it more interesting, but I always tie it back to my business. Rarely do I share the content that I have on my business pages to my personal Facebook page, and this is only if I really think the information will help most of my friends in my network.  

It’s also important to keep in mind the tone of each channel. You want to be natural on each social media channel, so don’t jump in until you’re really comfortable with how people post in that space.

Be helpful and teach

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The most important advice about promoting your business in a way that’s not annoying is to help people. Almost every time I talk about my business, I am teaching others how to do content marketing. I give away so much free information. If people followed everything that I say, they probably wouldn’t need to hire me. Sure, they don’t have the 20 years of writing experience that I have, but I am giving away so much of my knowledge for free on my podcast, this blog and Facebook live. But, if you give away all your information for free why would anyone hire you? Because they won’t listen to you. They might take a few key takeaways, but they won’t be able to implement the whole thing. They’re not you! They don’t have the experience you have, the knowledge and the time and persistence to get the job done. What they will do, is see that if you’re offering all of this information for free, how much more valuable is the service you provide for a fee?!

Share stories in your marketing

Stories keep people interested and engaged. It lets your clients know why they should work with you. A lot of people offer the same product or service that you have, but only you can offer it in the way that you do. Only you can serve people with your personal experience, knowledge and background. This should come out in your marketing. People want to buy from other PEOPLE no matter how big your business is. They want to feel like they know, like and trust you. You do this with stories. 

Repeat yourself

There’s a famous rule of 7 in marketing: consumers need to hear a message 7x before they will consider taking action. That’s 7x when people are actually listening. But the reality of digital marketing today is that it’s a really crowded space. So seven times might just be 100 times. Be really clear on what you’re offering and say it over and over and over. Don’t assume when you say something once that you’ve covered that content. People are not paying attention almost ever. If you have something that will help people solve a problem that they have, you need to tell them over and over.  This is actually really helpful. All you need to do is come up with a few key messages and say it many times. You can say it in multiple ways, but you should be repeating what you offer all the time and everywhere. 

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