17: Say goodbye to imposter syndrome

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imposter syndrome

When you look up a new business or service and decide to use their service or product, most likely you spend all of 10 seconds absorbing information on a site like Google, Yelp or Facebook and then know which one you like. 

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Imposter syndrome is real, and even the most confident people in business feel it. I want to talk about it here because I had two contrasting moments of feeling on top and feeling on the bottom this past week.

And I know there are so many of you starting out in new ventures these days as you’ve had to reassess life and work in a pandemic. Businesses are closing and new ideas and projects are being born. All of us are figuring out what role we have to play in this new world.

What we think vs. what we should think

Most of us mean well and intend to be kind and giving to others if we can. It’s true in life and true in business.

But there’s a disconnect in what we know in our conscious brain and what we feel in our hearts. Here are some things I try to tell myself when I notice I’m feeling not good enough.

  1. Doubt: She’s doing better than me in business. Response: There’s enough business for all of us, and she’s not even necessarily my direct competition.
  2. Doubt: She’s so much better at ________ than me. Response: Okay, but I have other strengths that she doesn’t have, like __________.
  3. Doubt: You can’t do this, what did you get yourself into? Response: I’ve done something like this before, so I can handle this. Or, I’ve done harder things. I can manage this.

One handy tool for when I notice I’m feeling imposter syndrome in business

One of the best tools in my confidence toolbox is scrolling backward. When I see someone killing it in my field, I sometimes take a few moments to scroll back to where they started. Go back a year or two on countless influencers, and you’ll see they were once posting lower quality content with a whole lot less engagement. Listen to an older podcast of well-known influencers and business leaders, and you’ll hear a tremendous difference in quality.

Everyone’s beginning is all right there for you as evidence in their feed. Take a look back at others and then think forward about where you are headed.

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