37: 3 ways to grow organically on social media

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There’s a new privacy setting coming to iOS14 users in the U.S. any day now, and anyone running Facebook and Instagram ads is in a tizzy. As soon this takes effect in the U.S., conversion ads that run to your website will be less effective.

This means that organic content will be more important than ever.

Following are three ways to focus on improving your approach to organic content in preparation for this update. Even if you don’t run ads, these strategies that don’t rely on ads will help you.

  1. Be social! This seems pretty obvious, but you’ll need to be social on social media. On Instagram especially, follow and support the people who you want to reach. You can follow them and they’ll get a notification that you did. They’ll get a notification every time you comment or share their content as well. The same is true on LinkedIn. Generously give back to others, and they will start to do the same to you.
  2. Create consistent content that focuses on what your audience needs. Consistent doesn’t have to mean that you are on social media all the time. But staying consistent is essential to making any progress in your social media growth. Three days a week consistently over time is better than every day in spurts.
  3. Focus on video. Video views is an audience that is going to be more important than ever. Videos perform really well on all the social media channels, and they are easy to create once you get over your fear. For your ads, you target people who watch any portion of your video.

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