64: Trifecta! How a niche, referrals and social media can help you grow your practice

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Join me for a conversation with expert practice builder and Asheville therapist, Allison Puryear. Allison is a pro at building practices from scratch (she’s done it three times), and guides other clinicians how to do it as well.

We talk about everything from…

  • Declaring your niche
  • Getting referrals
  • Using social media to grow your practice (and when to know not to!)
  • Showing your personality in your content

Also mentioned in this episode is my 5-day Reels challenge for clinicians, which you can (and should!) join here: https://sparkrmarketing.com/reels

Listen for tips on…

  • How Google ads compare to Facebook ads and YouTube ads
  • How to know if your Google ads consultant is the right fit for your practice
  • Some biggest mistakes in Google ads to avoid

About Allison

Allison Puryear (rhymes with “career”) is a therapist who burned out on agency work and then built successful private practices in three wildly different markets. After her caseloads grew faster in each “saturated” market, she realized that practice building is not rocket science when you have clarity, confidence and a figured-out formula. So, she started Abundance Practice Building to help other therapists build their own full and happy private practices – because a happy therapist is a better therapist, yall!

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About Wendy:

I help healthcare experts stand out by telling their story on websites, emails and social media. When it comes to marketing, the greatest waste is an idea that fails to connect to its audience – not because it wasn’t a good idea but because it wasn’t packaged as a great story.

My goal is to help health and wellness experts stand out with content marketing. I’ve worked in marketing communications for nearly 20 years and experienced firsthand the rapid pace of change in this space. I launched Sparkr Marketing to help you stay ahead in this age of information overload. I’ll help you filter through the countless marketing tactics to find the right ones to reach your target market. Most importantly, I help your business stay true to your story.

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