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4: Why you should set aside time for creating content

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Creating content is key to making sure you spend time on your own marketing, even while busy running your business. Get the motivation you need by hearing how I find time to work on content each week, even while working full time to serve my digital marketing clients. 

3 tools to get started creating content for digital marketing

  1. Set a time. Set a weekly time in your calendar when you are going to focus on content creation. This sounds obvious and simple, but until you set up the time in your calendar, you won’t get started. Or at best, you’ll post sporadically. Set time aside when you are at your best and be sure to turn off any distractions. It’s a little like getting in the habit of working out by simply committing to get dressed in your gear in the morning.
  2. Create Canva templates. Templates in Canva are a great way to make your social media posts look outstanding even without the help of a graphic designer. It also makes it easier to develop content because you can build off the images. Canva is free, but I recommend the Canva Pro version so you can access more stock photos and features. My Social Media Starter Kit can get you all set up for Canva. 👉Download it here
  3. Create content themes. Create content themes from the start that ensure you’re ready to be productive and thoughtful about your strategy during that hour you commit to creating content each week.

Social media content creation themes

Just to get you started, following are a few post themes that work well on social media. Keep in mind that social media is meant to be SOCIAL, which means that in the same way you wouldn’t go to a party and yell out to everyone about your business, you can’t shout to everyone in your social posts either. Focus on your clients and how you serve them by improving their lives. Remember that you are a person, engaging with another person.

  1. Testimonials: share what others have to say about your business
  2. Share your expertise to help your audience by providing free advice and content
  3. Ask your audience a question or get their opinion related to your business
  4. Share a relatable story about how you got where you are or what you do in your business that can inspire others
  5. Share stories about your clients or community
  6. Contests or giveaways for holidays or related to your business
  7. Let an employee takeover your channel for a day
  8. Share behind the scenes posts about how you run your business or make your products

Ready to get started? Download my Social Media Starter Kit and get you all set up for rocking your digital content. 👉Download it here and be sure to tag me in your posts so I can celebrate you!

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