How to create better healthcare content in less time

Show up on social media like the expert you are (without wasting time scrolling)

You know those people on social media in your field who have it all together and look like total experts? But what they actually say is NOT what you would recommend?

You know because you’ve been in your field for longer, and YOU are the actual expert.

What those others have mastered is marketing.

I know exactly how this feels. But if you don’t put yourself out there, others will line up to take your place. And you know as well as I do that social media is second only to word of mouth in growing your practice.

Here’s the good news: your mastery in your field is the hard part. Showing up is easy.

    Even if you haven’t been using social media for your business lately or ever, you can start using it now and use it well. You don’t need thousands of followers to grow your practice. You just need to reach the right followers and lead them to know, like and trust you

    All you need is a helpful guide.

    social media for doctors

    Want to create more content for your practice in less time?

    One of the biggest struggles for healthcare providers is finding time for marketing. You know you need a social media presence to grow, but you’re busy seeing patients, charting, responding to messages and then doing it all over again. Sure, you could come up with five ideas to post on social media, but you don’t have a minute to spend on it. How do you capture the knowledge in your head to turn into content?

    I have a few ideas in my Guide to Fast Social Media Action for Busy Providers, but here’s one of my favorites: when you find yourself repeating something over and over, hit record. For example, if you answer a common question on the phone, in telehealth or in the office, ask the patient if it’s okay if you record your response with a voice memo app for your own records. Later, you can have an assistant create content from your memo. Or, if you don’t have help, you can play your memo out loud and use the dictate tool in Microsoft Word or Google Doc to type it.

    I have six more ideas in my guide, so download it here.

    Get my 6 steps to reaching more patients with social media

      “You made a real impact on my session this morning! So, I just want to thank you and I can’t wait for Thursday. I just want to keep working with you until I have everything how it needs to be. Thursday won’t be our last meeting.”

      Kara Friedman, Methods Counseling and Consulting

      Get your tips to create better social media content in less time

      I’ve taken the strategies I’ve learned about social media marketing in 10 years of supporting clients in healthcare of all sizes and put it into this guide.

      Here’s how you can start connecting to your audience, be the leader you know you are and have a bigger impact in your industry. This step-by-step guide makes it easy for you to get more engagement on social media.

      You can make a big impact on patients who need you by meeting them where they are: on social media. And having a plan will help you avoid the pitfalls of wasting time.

      Goodbye scrolling on Instagram and wondering what to post!

      Sound good? Let’s get started. I can’t wait to see you show up on social media like the expert you are.

      P.S. Got questions? Reach out on social and DM me