How to Write a Blog Post in 1 Hour

Writing is a little like riding a bicycle. 🚲 Bear with me here. 

If you once knew how to write decent papers in college or documents for a job you once had, you can learn again. You’ll feel completely rusty at first, but you have to just get back on and start writing (or riding?). Take a few turns around the block, literally, to think and then sit down to put your thoughts on paper. 📝 It may not sound perfect at first, but writing is a muscle that improves with time. 

With practice, a 500-word blog post should only take you about an hour.

And blogging today is meant to be more informal (my English teachers would have never allowed that “and” at the beginning of this sentence), so don’t get hung up on worrying about grammar and perfect sentence structure. If your grammar is really rusty, though, check out a tool like Grammarly to help you out.

Why you should start out writing some blog posts

Why bother? Because only you tell your story really well. You know why you started your small business or are motivated to SHOW UP in your nonprofit. Your target market needs to hear you tell them YOUR why. Even if eventually you hire a writer, having a hand in the writing process at the beginning will set your business up for better success later. You’ll have a sense of what your audience appreciates in blogs on your website and what it takes to get them posted. Then, instead of just handing over the keys of an important asset in your business, you’ll be able to provide guidance and supervision.

Still not convinced you have time to write? No problem. Hire us, and we’ll do it for you.

But if you are committed to trying your hand at blogging, here is how you can master this skill in one hour. Give yourself more time at the beginning, while you’re still honing your skill.

Step-by-step guide to write a blog post in 60 minutes

Step 1: Before you can even get started writing a blog post, you’ll want to have your idea already formed and written up in a short abstract. You should have done this with a bunch of ideas in bulk by content batching. Read how to do that here.

Step 2: Add a big, attention-grabbing idea at the top. You likely can pull this from your abstract as well.

Step 3: Add a numbered or bulleted list that explains your big idea. Having your blog set up in a lists, such as tips or reasons for your big idea, are make blogs easier to read and write. Readers can scan your content better and are more likely to stay on the page if the blog looks useful at first glance.

Step 4: Research an expert opinion that shows your point is supported by others. You can link directly to that website or article.

Step 5: Include a call to action for your reader at the conclusion. This might be simply your contact form, a freebie you’re offering or another related blog they can read. Closing with a question for them to comment in the bottom or on social media is a great way to end.

Step 6: Fill out the information on steps 2-5 into a more robust idea and before you know it, you’ll have a solid blog.

Once you’ve written your blog post, walk away from it for a few hours or days and then return to edit it with fresh eyes. You’re more likely to catch any careless mistakes this way. You can also hire a proofreader at a really reasonable rate on a site like Fiverr.

Next up I’ll be posting ways to make your content more engaging, so for now, write on. And ride on. 🚲

Let me know if this blog post was helpful for you! Leave a comment or send me a message over on your social channel of choice.

Oh! And if you still don’t want to write? No problem. Hire us, and we’ll do it for you.

Plan Your Small Business Online Marketing for 2020

Just because the New Year is around the corner, doesn’t mean you’re too late to get a jump start on planning your small business online marketing content for 2020. And, when you consider that many small businesses plan website and social media content on the fly, you’re pretty much a rockstar right now – waaaaay ahead of the game. So here we go 🚀

3 key steps to successful online marketing

Before you can plan your online marketing, you’ll want to be sure you’re reaching the audience you intend to serve. This means knowing who you are, knowing who they are and knowing the best way to reach them. Let me explain:

  1. Know your core story: We talked about this in an earlier blog. This is your 1-sentence practical and higher purpose explanation of what drives you in your business. Read here how to spark your core story.
  2. Know your audience: Knowing what your audience needs and what they value you for will help you determine what content you should create. Your goal is to provide your audience with exactly what they want so they feel like you are speaking directly to them. This comes from audience research. Read here how to conduct audience research and swipe my Google audience survey.
  3. Show up consistently: This means creating content every week on your website and then sending it out to your target audience’s inbox. On your social media channel of choice, you’ll want to show up nearly every day or more.

Choose Your Content Medium

Now that you’ve determined how to describe who you are and better understand what your audience wants, you can begin thinking about how to reach them. You have three choices for a content medium, and choosing one of them will depend on your preferences and how your audience tends to consume content. We will talk more in depth about the how to’s for each content medium in the future.

Blog: This, obviously is my content medium of choice. Blogging is a great way to consistently show up for your audience weekly and to keep your content easy to consume. If you enjoy writing, blogging is an obvious choice, but even if you’re only a mediocre writer, I still say go for it. Writing is like a muscle that improves with time. And there are a lot of tips and even online content writing courses that can help you improve tremendously. With time, writing gets so much easier, so put away your high school anxiety and try out this medium if you can.

What’s also nice about blogging, is that it’s really practical to refer back to other content within your blogs. Internal linking is good for SEO, but more importantly, it’s practical for your reader. I listen to podcasts on the go, and I often hear hosts tell me to refer back to episode whatever, and I’m just not going to stop my run to refer back to the one they mention. But in a blog, it’s as simple as a click to dive in more.

Video: Like blogging, video takes some getting used to, but if you’re able to practice getting comfortable in front of the camera, it’s a great way to churn out content quickly. There’s a whole range of what’s acceptable in video content, and you can grow with it as you get more experienced and comfortable. Video blogging can be scrappy, with just your phone, a mic and a ring light. Or it can be as crisp as a TV episode like, Marie Forleo’s Marie TV with a whole crew likely filming and editing it. If you show up on Facebook live or IG TV, you can skip the editing and just talk to your audience on the fly. Or you can pre record and try out some easy, do-it-yourself editing on a site like Kapwing or hire a video editor on a site like Fiverr.

What’s nice about video, is that it’s easy to recycle that content. You can start with the video, but then add just the audio to your website as a podcast. And you can write a blog to explain what’s in your video as well. Trifecta!

Podcast: Podcasting is a great way to show up weekly for your audience, especially if you’re comfortable talking to your audience but don’t love the idea of a video. Podcasting makes it really easy to showcase guests too because you don’t have to be in the same location to be on the show together. Guests can call in from all over the world to join you. With podcasting, it’s also really easy to create a blog post with each episode by writing some of your notes or even pulling and editing the the show transcript. is a great tool for this job, for $1/minute, and there are others like it.

Once you have your content medium of choice in place, you’re ready to start batching content. I’ll be discussing content batching next week, so stay tuned. But in the meantime, start jotting down content ideas you come up with on the go and create a running list in your phone or on a notepad.

Join my business journey

life with no regrets

💥 F I N A L L Y! This week I launched the official rebranding of Sparkr Marketing. It took over eight years to get here, not counting the professional work I did before beginning my freelance side hustle. This week, family and friends can finally stop hearing me hem and haw about making this move. No doubt, it won’t be long until they tire of all my eager energy as a new entrepreneur.

What took me so long?

Stability, great colleagues, meaningful work and, hello?, a steady paycheck!

There are many reasons I spent the last two years vacillating over when to leave the stability of my part time job to focus full time on this business. But eventually I turned to the rational that has been the biggest driver of change in my life:

🔥 If I don’t do this now, I will regret it later.

This realization lights a fire under me every time. It sparked my passion to use what I’ve learned to help more organizations.

So, here we go. Let’s do this. 🙌

What this blog is about

If you’re still with me here, you’ve probably noticed that this isn’t the typical marketing agency blog. I thought about being conventional – posting 10 social media tips for Tuesday! and 5 ways to level up your brand!

But, here’s the truth. You can learn EVERYTHING in digital marketing online for FREE if you have time, passion, creativity and skills to put it into practice.

And while I do plan to share a lot of what I’ve learned from others in this blog and on my social media pages (give us a follow, will ya?! 👉LinkedIn 👉Facebook 👉Instagram), what I decided to really offer you ME.

My passion is helping small to medium size businesses tell their story. So in this blog, I plan to tell you mine.

My hope is that through reading this honest entrepreneur blog, you will find personal tips and better ways to tell YOUR story. I plan to share the stories of other entrepreneurs, who work with me as well, so leave me a comment, social media post or smoke signal if you’d like to be featured here.

Thanks for joining my business journey! Leave a comment on what your business goals are and what’s holding you back.

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