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Writing website copy that works

You have 3 seconds on your website homepage to convince your audience to stick around. Are you making the right first impression?

Whether you’re launching a new website or reviewing the one you have, this guide will help you write website copy that works.

Help your audience know, like and trust with this Do-It-Yourself guide to write your website copy

💥 Write your business story
💥 Develop your one-liner
💥 Get a framework for your website that focuses on your target audience

    set aside time for content batching

    Why you need to write your own copy or get a website copy content writer

    When you spend thousands (or tens of thousands!) hiring a web developer to create a stunning new website for your business, that web team is more concerned with branding, appearance and user experience. If you’re lucky, your web developer might even do a decent job on SEO.

    The content for your website copy is left to you. So, let’s talk about how to get it right.

    Before you think about the colors, designs and fun, creative elements on your site, you need to write your wireframe. 

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