From managing a website redesign to developing, editing, uploading and creating new content, I have several years’ experience working on non profit and business websites. I also manage social media sites–from developing a strategy and setting up new platforms to managing daily social media pages and posts. On all online media, I track metrics and insights to ensure the best number of viewers as possible.

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For nine years, I have creating and posting all the content for the Ida Crown Jewish Academy website, in addition to taking all the photos and managing all the videos. I create a weekly e-newsletter, using Contant Contact, developing all the content and photos.

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For five years, I have been managing and updating the content for Kids First Pediatric Partners, a large and growing pediatrician in Skokie, Illinois. I also create a monthly e-newsletter for the practice, using Constant Contact, and focusing on medical news, Kids First news and general parenting advice and ideas.

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I manage content for VNA Healthtrends and am working with them to redesign their site in WordPress. Posts in their News sectionare written and developed by Wendy Margolin Marketing Communications.

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I manage content for Feed to Succeed and post original content regularly to their blogin WordPress.