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3 Behind-the-scenes secrets to social media success in 2021

In this live workshop, I covered...


Why the old approach to social media is no longer working

Social media a few years ago used to be much easier. Post a photo or update, and your followers saw it and often liked it. Now there is endless content on everyone's feed, and reaching your followers is harder than ever. Getting engagement is even harder. We'll go over what's no longer working and what you should do about it.


My 6-step strategy to social media marketing

I’m going to show you my social media marketing system to help you shift from inconsistent posting, feeling overwhelmed, confused and uncomfortable to making marketing an integrated part of your healthcare practice.

I’ll give you my step-by-step playbook to how to plan your social media marketing, whether you do it yourself or have someone help you.


Secrets to social media success

Are you tired of posting to social media and no one responds? I'll be going over ways to create content that encourages your followers to talk back to you so that you don't feel like you're talking to yourself on social media.

Your social media marketing game is about to get a whole lot bigger

You finally commit and get a custom content marketing plan that helps your practice or business grow. 

You get...

  • Confidence to be your authentic self on social media and on your website
  • Connection with your current patients and prospective ones
  • Control over how and when you use social media (can we please stop the scrolling all day?!)
  • Trust from your audience who will come to know you and like you

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Bonus if you join the webinar live

Canva templates you can swipe and use as your own by changing the branding to match your own style. This will save you time or help you if you’re feeling less creative (although I’m confident everyone can create beautiful designs on Canva)

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Meet your workshop instructor, Wendy

Heyyy – I'm Wendy, and I geek out over online marketing. I'm a runner, total amateur guitar player and on any given night at least some of my 4 kids will tell you I'm a really good cook.

More than a decade ago, my passion for healthy living led to my dismay over health misinformation I started seeing online. I took my concerns to my kids' pediatrician, and I've been supporting health and wellness experts with online marketing ever since.

I created this course to help more experts like you educate and support your audience. I can't wait to give the tools, knowledge and confidence to be authentic and engaging online. Let's reach your practice and business goals together.

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Hope to see you inside Everyday Marketing Bootcamp!