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We write healthcare content that people actually read.

We help you clarify and amplify your message so that you can reach more people and have a bigger impact.

We bring 20 years of writing and marketing experience to every piece of healthcare content we approach. Whether it's a blog, email series or social media captions, we know how to break down technical concepts into relatable ideas.

Write website copy that works

Help your audience know, like and trust with this free, Do-It-Yourself guide to write your website copy

💥 Write your business story
💥 Develop your one-liner
💥 Get a framework for your website that focuses on your target audience

    Tell your brand story and scale your healthcare marketing content

    Marketing at large healthcare organizations today means operating as a newsroom, producing hundreds of pieces of content each week. There's an endless amount of work, even for the most prolific marketing team.

    We help you scale your marketing content so that you can tell your brand story and reach your audience everywhere they are.

    We bring 20 years of writing experience to your content creation to help you tell authentic stories that reach your audience and improve lives.

    We combine expert marketing knowledge with a passion for helping  healthcare experts reach more people. Together, we can create a better medical web.

    Together, we can create a better medical web



    We also help your small practice with the following resources

    Boutique content marketing services for healthcare practices and businesses.

    1:1 coaching for any healthcare content marketing project you have.

    On demand and group courses to get a social media strategy.

    We know that in a crowded digital space, it’s hard for even experts to stand out. Let’s work together to change that.

    Online media is crowded with health information and misinformation. But as a healthcare organization, you know you need to reach more people with your content. With custom content that tells your brand story, you'll have the support you need to rise above the noise.

    set aside time for content batching
    Wendy Margolin

    What sets us apart

    We have 20 years of expert knowledge in content marketing to help you tell your brand story and impact more lives. We know how to break down complicated medical information to create content that people actually read.

    We operate seamlessly as a part of your team, getting to know the heart of your organization. Plus, we deliver on time, every time.

    If you're a healthcare leader looking for quick tips and strategies to build your business with content marketing, this podcast is for you. Wendy Margolin, owner of Sparkr Marketing, helps leaders like you get the word out about the business you believe in by helping you tell your story. On this podcast, you'll get actionable, step-by-step advice that I use to grow my business and my clients' business.


    I can't thank you enough for the incredible support, guidance, and resources you have shared to assist me with messaging what I am most passionate about!


    Ian Oppel, OTR

    RESTORE Skills

    Wendy is an absolute whiz at taking content and creating it into more repurpose able assets for social, blogs, etc. - including the writing of long-form blog posts from content. She has a great podcast and social presence herself. Can’t speak highly enough of Wendy and her team.


    Dr. Phil Boucher

    Dr. Phil Boucher